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Whole BBQ Chicken with Grilled Veggies

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

This is the easiest dinner And only takes 15-20 minutes of prep and 1 hour on the grill!

We like to use a charcoal grill but you can definitely use a gas grill. Prepare the grill and use medium heat for this application.

What I did -

1 whole #chicken -cut the back bone out using kitchen scissors

2 tablespoons olive oil

season salt

#Kirkland no salt seasoning - we are kinda obsessed with #costco

place chicken on sheet pan pressing down to make flat. Rub both sides with olive oil. #Season liberaly with seasonings and feel free to use your favorites or come up with something new! I like to pre season the chicken and let it marinate for at least an hour but can be dry #marinated over night as well.

Place chicken bone side down on a medium hot #grill. Do not flip the chicken over. If it gets too hot move the chicken to a cooler side of the grill. Keep the lid closed as much as possible. Approx cook time is 1 hour or until the internal temp reads 165

1 red onion - sliced into rounds

2 yellow or green zucchini -sliced lengthwise (usually 3)

1 eggplant - sliced into rounds

2 bell peppers - cut into 4, stem, seeds and pith removed

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt - we prefer #pinkHimalayan

black pepper

4 sprigs fresh thyme - rough chopped

1 sprig fresh rosemary - rough chopped

#Kirkland no salt seasoning

place veggies on a separate sheet pan. Season with vinegar, oil, seasonings and fresh herbs. Start to grill the veggies after the chicken has been on the grill for 30 minutes. Remove the veggies after they are al dente and have nice grill mark. Cover the veggies with foil and keep warm until the chicken is ready.

To serve cut cut the chicken in 8 pieces and serve with warm grilled veggies.

Love it. Cook it. Eat it.

Chef Alisa

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