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Meet the Chef

My Story

From the time I could stand on a stool I would be in the kitchen with my grandma stiring anything I could! I just loved being in the kitchen, food just made sense to me and I loved making people happy by making them delicious food to eat.


When I was in high school and could drive I would do most of the grocery shopping for our family and plan the meals…I was a food nerd way before it was cool. Like way nerdy,

I mean I had dinner parties when I was 16 and 17 when my parents would be

gone for the night.


When it was time for me to choose where I wanted to go to school,

what I would study and what I wanted to be when I grew up truthfully,

it was a toss up …orthopedic surgeon or chef. I choose chef because

I knew I would be good at it and I would have a real job in just a few years.

“Way too ambitious for my own good” was something I have heard a lot in

my life. I graduated with honors from The California Culinary Academy in

San Francisco when I was 20. Crazy right?? I went on to work for Wolfgang

Puck and Hyatt Hotels. When I was 25 I started my first catering company and

I had a blast. Then I got the call…Mammoth Mountain needed a new Executive

Chef!!!! What? No! Seriously? Me? Yep! At 29 I was the youngest and the first female

chef in Mammoth Lakes. So Crazy!

I went on to be a broker Chef and have worked with some of the biggest food manufacturing companies in the world. You might have heard about them…Tyson and Land O Lakes are my favorite clients! So much fun!

I have had the pleasure and honor of a few guest blogs. Check it out 

- Insider, Subtle Signs your food has expired

- LA Polo, Akin in wine and champagne

Over the years I have always wanted to write a cookbook but never really got around to it (60-80 hour weeks make that pretty hard) but I always thought writing all my ideas, recipes and tips would be a great job when I became a mom. So, I finally did it! I became a mom 3 years ago to the most amazing little boy and the sweetest baby girl this past June. I hope you enjoy my recipes and ideas.

Feel free to message me anytime. I love answering chefie questions! Heck, I have been the 1-800 chef for all of my friends and family my whole life. I hope I can be a source of entertainment and knowledge for you too.

Love it. Cook it. Eat it.


Chef Alisa

The mission of is to inspire and encourage women who love to cook but aspire to have restaurant quality skills to get out of their box, try new flavors and gain confidence in the kitchen by sharing with them my travels, recipes, tricks of the trade and professional knowledge and experience.

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