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3 Tips To Make Baking MORE Fun!

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

I have to admit it....I really don't like to bake. Weird right?!?! I am so obsessed with cooking and food and eating but baking....bleh:(

So I came up with 3 tips to make it more fun!

Tip #1 Ok, so these are my new favorites! Seriously Genius! Silicone Loaf Pan! And Muffin Cups!!! No more trash, No more pans to scrub, No more greasing and flouring pans! It's kinda ridiculous how happy these pans make me :)))

Tip #2 I know so many of you already do this but if I don't I always make a mess and then I am not having fun in my kitchen. So, next time you are opening a new bag of dry....whatever it might be...put the bag inside a Zip top bag first and then use scissors to open the bag and then dip your measuring cup in. The you can just zip up the bag and continue on with your cooking and baking and if you spill little it freaking stays in the bag! ***Shamless Plug....Bob's Red Mill products rock and we love this Almond Flour!

Tip #3 Fill half of your sink with hot soapy water. As you are cooking and baking just pop the utensils and dishes you are using into the water. If you get side tracked by screaming children, needy husbands or a phone call from a friend you miss terribly NO BIGGIE! No dried on mysteries to scrub off, just rinse and pop into the dishwasher!

Now you can ENJOY your next baking or cooking sesh!

Love, Chef Alisa

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